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Epistemology and Economics (Synthese Conference, Columbia U.)

Mark D. White

Sorry for the short notice, but a colleague just told me about the upcoming Synthese Conference at Columbia University, April 15-16, 2010, on the topic of "Epistemology an Economics." Full information--including registration instructions--is available at Logic and Rational Interaction.

The program follows (note that several coffee breaks include cookies):

Thursday, April 15
09:00-09:15: Arrival + coffee (Faculty House)
09:15-09:30: Welcome
09:30-10:30: Origins of epistemic game theory (invited talk) / Adam Brandenburger (New York University)
10:30-10:45: Q&A
10:45-11:00: Coffee break (with cookies)
11:00-11:45: Fast and frugal heuristics: take the best and the priority heuristics in perspective / Horacio Arlo-Costa (Carnegie Mellon) and Paul Pedersen (Carnegie Mellon)
11:45-12:00: Q&A
12:00-13:00: Lunch at Faculty House
13:00-14:00: Title TBA (invited talk) / Cristina Bicchieri (University of Pennsylvania)
14:00-14:15: Q&A
14:15-15:00: Cognitivism and two kinds of desire / David Etlin (University of Leuven)
15:00-15:15: Q&A
15:15-15:30: Coffee break (with cookies)
15:30-16:15: Awareness and equilibrium / Brian Hill (HEC Paris)
16:15-16:30: Q&A
16:30-17:30: Playing with “knowledge”: towards a ‘soft’ interactive epistemology (invited talk) / Alexandru Baltag (Oxford University)
17:30-17:45: Q&A
19:30: Conference dinner (by invitation)

Friday, April 16
09:15-09:30: Arrival + coffee (Faculty House)
09:30-10:30: Title TBA (invited talk) / Christian List (London School of Economics)
10:30-10:45: Q&A
10:45-11:00: Coffee break (with cookies)
11:00-11:45: Of what one cannot speak, must one pass over in silence? / Olivier Roy (University of Groningen) and Eric Pacuit (Tilburg University)
11:45-12:00: Q&A
12:00-13:00: Lunch at Faculty House
13:00-14:00: Subjective probabilities and bets (invited talk) / Wlodek Rabinowicz (Lund University)
14:00-14:15: Q&A
14:15-15:00: Rule-following as coordination: a game-theoretic approach / Giacomo Sillari (University of Pennsylvania)
15:00-15:15: Q&A
15:15-15:30: Coffee break
15:30-15:45: Award ceremony
15:45-16:30: Acceptance speech
16:30-16:45: Conference closing


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