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Ronald Dworkin's Justice for Hedgehogs (the perfect Christmas gift!)

Mark D. White

Hedgehogs At long last--especially considered it has already been celebrated by a symposium and an issue of a major law review--Ronald Dworkin's latest book Justice for Hedgehogs is out, and my copy (which arrived yesterday) is now sitting next to my computer.

As some readers of this blog may know, I am quite a fan of Dworkin's work, moreso of his legal philosophy than his political philosophy (which also makes me an oddity in those communities, as his egalitarianism seems to be more well regarded than his jurisprudence). But this book abstracts from those previous emphases, to focus instead on a theory of value that tires together equality, justice, law, truth, and dignity, to result in a theory (somewhat virtue-theoretic, at least in flavor) of what "living well" means.

If anyone learns of a reading group or other blogs discussing this book (besides the Boston University Law Review issue), please let me know. And if you've read the book, or are reading it now, please feel free to comment here on it!


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