Consequences of Economic Downturn -- Part III: More of the rich getting richer?
Consequences of Economic Downturn -- Part IV: Borrowing & personal responsibility

Introduction to Kantian Ethics and Economics now available online

KEE Mark D. White

The full introduction to my forthcoming book, Kantian Ethics and Economics: Autonomy, Dignity, and Character, is now available to read at the Stanford University Press website. To whet your appetite, here's the first paragraph:

I love economics, I really do. And I always have, ever since my sixth-grade teacher Mr. Dalton drew a supply-and-demand diagram on the chalkboard. After he explained how it works, I thought he had revealed to me The Answer to Everything. But while I love economics, we definitely have a love/hate relationship. One way in which this book can be seen is as an exploration of that relationship, mediated ultimately by philosophy (and an unlikely choice for a marriage counselor).


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