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Symposium on Obamacare in The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

Mark D. White

JLMEThe latest issue of The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics (40/3, Fall 2012) features a symposium titled "The Health Care Reform Law (PPACA): Controversies in Ethics and Policy," based on a conference held at the Medical University of South Carolina in October 2011 and organized as a group of point-counterpoint discussions focusing on "the responsibilities of individuals versus those of society to provide health care, the morality of market-based health care reforms, the effectiveness of consumer-driven health care reforms, and the role of the principle of justice in grounding health care reform" ("Introduction," p. 523).

Introduction (Robert M. Sade)

Physicians Have a Responsibility to Meet the Health Care Needs of Society (Allan S. Brett)

Medical Responsibility (Ronald Hamowy)

Market-Based Reforms in Health Care Are Both Practical and Morally Sound (James Stacey Taylor)

Government Intervention in Health Care Markets Is Practical, Necessary, and Morally Sound (Len M. Nichols)

Expanding Choice through Defined Contributions: Overcoming a Non-Participatory Health Care Economy (Robert E. Moffit)

Cost-Sharing under Consumer-Driven Health Care Will Not Reform U.S. Health Care (John P. Geyman)

Justice and Fairness: A Critical Element in U.S. Health System Reform (Paul T. Menzel)

No Theory of Justice Can Ground Health Care Reform (Griffin Trotter)


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