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Biblical Economic Ethics

Jonathan B. Wight

The following info came over the ASE listserv (congratulations, Al, on the new book):

Biblical Economic Ethics: Sacred Scripture's Teachings on Economic Life

by Albino Barrera Al Barrera book

This book synthesizes the findings of scripture scholars and ethicists on what the Bible teaches about economic life.  It proposes a biblical theology of economic life that addresses three questions, namely:

            - What do the individual books of Sacred Scripture say about proper economic conduct?

            - How do these teachings fit within the larger theology and ethics of the books in which they are found?

            - Are there recurring themes, underlying patterns, or issues running across these different sections of the Bible when read together as a single canon?

            The economic norms of the Old and New Testament exhibit both continuity and change.  Despite their diverse social settings and theological visions, the books of the Bible nonetheless share recurring themes: care for the poor, generosity, wariness over the inordinate pursuit of wealth, the inseparability of genuine worship and upright moral conduct, and the acknowledgment of an underlying divine order in economic life.  

            Contrary to most people's first impression that the Bible offers merely random economic teachings without rhyme or reason, there is, in fact, a specific vision undergirding these scriptural norms.  Moreover, far from being burdensome impositions of do's and don'ts, the Bible's economic norms are, in fact, an invitation to participate in God's providence and governance of the world.

Lexington Books (an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield)

Cloth: 978-0-7391-8229-1 ISBN August 2013 370 pages Regular price: $95.00/ After discount: $66.50

To get 30% discount, use code LEX30AUTH14 when ordering (valid until 12/31/13)



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