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Tom Brady – Out but Innocent

By Jonathan B. Wight

Tom Brady is out of the playoffs after being shut-down today by Denver’s defense.  More important than a win today is his win in the Deflategate drama.

Joe Nocera of the New York Times reports yesterday about Brady’s vindication from an MIT professor, John Leonard, who demonstrates that low air pressure in the AFC Championship [corrected, not Super Bowl] balls can be fully explained by the laws of science, rather than by the shenanigans of two New England Patriot staffers.

The simplest explanation is the likeliest: the balls were inflated correctly indoors but the cold air on the playing field deflated them.

Duh.  That is the first thing I thought of when the issue came up. Brady’s strange behavior of throwing away his cell phone, and the Patriot staffers’ strange behavior of taking the balls into the bathroom, then cast a suspicious light on things.

A short video explains the science.

The apparent ethical vindication of Brady comes at a good time for sports, after the summer (and ongoing) crisis in soccer’s FIFA, the coming environmental and economic fiasco of Rio’s Summer Olympics, and the recent revelation that some tennis stars had been throwing matches for Vegas.


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Just a small correction, Jonathan: The game in which the Patriots were accused of tampering with the balls was last year's AFC Championship, not the Super Bowl.

Thanks, Jonas! Good catch (so to speak). :)

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