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Seminar on Ethics and Economics

By Jonathan B. Wight

Last February I attending an outstanding seminar in Washington DC on ethics and economics, hosted by AIRLEAP (the nonprofit Association for Integrity and Responsible Leadership in Economics and Associated Professions). 

Upcoming next January is another seminar in conjunction with the ASSA meetings in Chicago.  Below are the details.


A special seminar will be held in Chicago on January 8, 2017:

“Principles of Ethics, Scientific Integrity, and Responsible Leadership:

A One-Day Training Seminar for Economists.”

When the same seminar was held this past February in Washington D.C. it was endorsed by the Eastern Economic Association and by the National Economists Club, and it received highly favorable reviews. Several organizations sent their employees to the seminar to meet their employee’s annual training requirements in leadership and ethics, and seminar attendees receive a certificate of expertise. Many graduate students attended as well, and the seminar includes a specific presentation offering advice to students on the job market. The seminar provides a wide range of insightful presentations by world-renowned experts, and will engage the audience in provocative and interactive discussions about some of the most challenging issues in economics today.

The seminar this coming January is being held at the magnificent Chicago Cultural Center. Some of the distinguished speakers include:

  • D. McCloskey, & G. DeMartino, Oxford Handbook of Professional Economic Ethics;
  • Agency Leaders: Erica Groshen (BLS), Keith Hall (CBO), and Brian Moyer (BEA);
  • D. Colander, author of The Making of an Economist, and many other economics books;
  • S. Ziliak, The Cult of Statistical Significance (with D. McCloskey);
  • R,G. Anderson, former Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

The fee for the full-day seminar is set at a minimum to cover costs: $95, or $50 for students.

To learn more about the seminar and to register for it people should go to http://tinyurl.com/AIRLEAP2017.\


Thank you for your consideration, and thank you in advance for distributing this announcement.

With best wishes,

Board of Directors of the Association for Integrity and Responsible Leadership in Economics: Deirdre McCloskey (Chair), Richard G. Anderson, Amelie Constant, Mark Costa, George DeMartino, Seth Giertz, Areerat Kichkha, Steven Payson, W. Charles Sawyer, and Stephen Ziliak


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