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March 9, 2018


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You left Ferguson off of your dog-whistle list of 'places where the real bad people are.'

It's common knowledge that the vast majority of the guns that litter Chicago come directly from their irresponsible neighbor to the east.


Alright, that aside, I agree that common ground is hard to find on this issue. I'd posit that this is chiefly because gun people have shut down discussion of any reasonable policy that might reduce the number of guns out there, except, of course, the policies that take guns out of nonwhite hands. So we can't register the guns; we can't keep guns from the violently mentally ill; we can't differentiate sport and assault guns in order to limit the assault ones; we can't have any database of gun owners; we can't have waiting periods; we can't have meaningful background checks.

The rest of us have bent over backward to accommodate you gun people; eventually Occam's razor leads us to throw our hands up and say 'Fine, let's just stop new sales and start taking them all away.'

It's like Noonan's specious argument you cited. While I agree that violent films and videogames are probably a contributing factor here, I'm not with her on all the other stuff. The easy answer for gun violence has to be the proliferation of guns. It's not, as they say, rocket surgery.

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