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Hallucinating about an Alternative Universe

By Jonathan B. Wight

This last Thursday the nation was fixated on the gripping testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford before the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

I must have fallen asleep, because here’s what I heard Judge Brett Kavanaugh say in response to her testimony: 

“Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee:

“I have just watched Dr. Ford’s testimony before this committee. She is not at all what I expected. She was not partisan, rude, or seeking glamor and fame.  She was serious, forthright, and clear in her answers, especially indicating what she remembered and what she did not.

“Her demeanor was respectful and she appeared to be telling the truth as she remembers it.  I would welcome her as a witness in my own courtroom anytime.

“Few now can doubt that she did experience a traumatic sexual assault as a teenager.  I applaud her courage in coming forth.  She is a role model for all. 

“That said, I am profoundly confused given that her testimony and my own recollection are so deeply at odds.  

“The Supreme Court is the final arbiter of America’s economic institutions—the rules by which we engage in market exchange, define property rights (remember the Kelo case?), judge the status and role of corporations (remember Citizens United?), and decide on the political process for fair elections (remember Bush vs. Gore?). 

“It is essential that the American people have complete faith in the integrity and impartiality of this court.  I do not want my appointment to be tainted by this issue or by this process. 

“For all of these reasons I respectfully urge that the FBI conduct a thorough investigation, which I would welcome.  I ask this on my behalf, as well as Dr. Ford’s.  The American people deserve to know the truth, as best as seasoned investigators can determine it.

“Finally, let me ask the American people to refrain from attacking Dr. Ford—or myself!—as we go through this necessary and careful process. 

“Thank you for your attention.”

*          *          *

Then I woke with a jolt as the gavel pounded and the real testimony began.


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