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September 2019 posts


By Jonathan B. Wight

  1. Here a great study of the origins of discrimination:

“The Dynamics of Discrimination: Theory and Evidence” by J. Aislinn Bohren, Alex Imas, and Michael Rosenberg. American Economic Review 2019, 109(10): 3395–3436

Abstract:  We model the dynamics of discrimination and show how its evolution can identify the underlying source. We test these theoretical predictions in a field experiment on a large online platform where users post content that is evaluated by other users on the platform. We assign posts to accounts that exogenously vary by gender and evaluation histories. With no prior evaluations, women face significant discrimination. However, following a sequence of positive evaluations, the direction of discrimination reverses: women’s posts are favored over men’s. Interpreting these results through the lens of our model, this dynamic reversal implies discrimination driven by biased beliefs [emphasis added].

  1. California Governor Signs Plan to Let N.C.A.A. Athletes Be Paid

No longer will athletes be discriminated against in California.  All other students (and non-students have the right to cut endorsement deals.  Why shouldn’t athletes?

“Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill to allow college athletes to hire agents and make money from endorsements. The measure, the first of its kind, threatens the business model of college sports.”