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A new Economics and Ethics, same as the old Economics and Ethics...

Small logoBy Mark D. White

Welcome to the new and improved, but basically the same, Economics and Ethics blog!

It's been nearly two years since this blog has featured any content, and for a long time up to that point Jonathan was carrying the ball on his own. (Thanks Jonathan!) But we have returned, spruced the place up a bit, and we're ready to get back to business.

As we slide back into "regular" posting again, we'll start by sharing any new books, articles, conference, and media that is relevant to economics and ethics—and I'm pleased to say there is a lot to share, if judging only by the number of tabs open on my browser at any given time.

Before long, I hope we can also resume offering short commentary and responses to new developments in the field, including longer discussions of academic work past and present—one goal is to have a bibliography or reading guide to complement Jonathan's teaching guide—as well as insights on real-world events from an ethically-informed economic perspective.

But Jonathan and I don't want to do this all by ourselves: We welcome contributions from interested and knowledgeable people from all backgrounds. I've reached out to some of very smart people—and again, I'm pleased to say I know a lot of them—but feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] if you want to be an occasional or regular contributor.

Also, this blog now has a dedicated Twitter account, @econandethics, which I hope you will follow and retweet when we've earned it.

Stay tuned...


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